What does my compliance score mean?

On the dashboard the overall compliance score is generated by looking at all the cloud accounts you have attached to OpsCompass and benchmarking them to the compliance frameworks you're being scored against. The scoring break down is below.

Image of a compliance score. The color of the coordinating graphic is yellow indicating the score is only good.

OpsCompass scores your environment from 0 - 1600 and breaks down as follows: 

1550 - 1600: Exceptional
1490 - 1549: Very Good 
1300 - 1489: Good 
1155 - 1299: Okay 
1001 - 1154: Fair 
0 - 1000: Poor


Note: At the bottom of the dashboard, in Accounts, there is a compliance score for each individual cloud account. You have the ability to turn on or off rules for specific cloud accounts if needed.