What permissions do the different user roles in OpsCompass grant?

When a new user is invited to OpsCompass they come in as a "user" with the lowest permissions, but can be assigned roles from an administrator from the list below:

- Team Owner (able to add/remove teams, team members, and team concerns), 

- User Owner (able to invite and manage users for in OpsCompass),

- Alert Concern Owner (able to enable/disable managed concerns and edit configurations),

- Compliance Owner (able to apply compliance mitigations and policy exceptions or disable compliance rules),

- Integrations Owner (able to add 3rd party integrations),

- User (able to view alerts in OpsCompass),

- Company Sysadmin (can delete the company),

- OLM Owner (can update configurations and secrets),                

- Document Administrator (has administrative access across all features in the Document Manager)