How do I export Oracle support renewals?

Expedite your process loading Oracle entitlement data into OpsCompass by exporting your Oracle support renewals from their online portal to import into OpsCompass License Manager.

One way you can enter your Oracle license entitlement data faster into OpsCompass is by importing your support renewal information from Oracle. To export that information, you'll need to sign in to Oracle's My Support Renewals site. "Sign in" is in the top right of the landing page.

The Oracle "My Support Renewals" site landing page. "Sign in" is highlighted in the top-right between "New user?" and a shopping cart icon.

Once you've logged in, create a report of your support renewals using the "Create Report" button.

The Oracle "My Support Renewals" site after a user has logged in. A "Create Report" button is highlighted on the right side of the main menu bar beneath a "hero" section.

When generating the report, select the renewal types "Pending," "History," and "Future." Select "Detailed" for the report type and then choose "Download Report." This will prompt you to save the file to your computer.

Oracle's "Create Support Service Renewal Report" dialog. On the left side is a group of checkboxes; the group is labeled "Include Renewal Types" and all options are selected ("Pending," "History," and "Future"). Beneath the renewal types is an unchecked checkbox labeled "Show Filters." On the right the options for "Choose Report Type" are presented as radio buttons. The first option is "Summary - Include service level information only." It is not selected. The second option is selected, "Detailed - Include service level information as well as details of each product." At the bottom are two buttons labeled "Cancel" and "Download Report."