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OpsCompass Notifications Overview

Notifications aggregate important information about your environment over the past 2 weeks.

Notifications aggregate important information about your environment. Notifications are retained for 2 weeks.

You can access your notifications by clicking the bell icon on the right-side of the top bar. The red numbered dot indicates the "new" notifications. When you view the list of notifications, this count will go away.

Image of notification alerts

These notifications are separated by type and by day. This popover will show you the first few notifications. Clicking "View notification feed" will bring you to the full list of notifications.

Image of notifications

If you click on a specific notification, it will navigate you to the drift page, and will scope the list down to just the drift relevant to that notification. Notifications will be viewable for 2 weeks. The blue dot on each notification row indicates the read/unread status. If the dot is filled, the notification is unread. If it is not filled, it is read. Notifications will be marked as read when you click on the notification.

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