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OpsCompass Glossary

Learn definitions for common terms used in OpsCompass

Breached Data

  • Accounts of Concern - Email accounts that have been involved in a breach, and the user account password has not been changed since the breach occurred.
  • Total Users Breached - The sum of all email accounts that have been involved in a breach. 


  • Check - Resource-type specific pass/fail examinations to test if the resource meets compliance requirements. Failed checks result in Problems. Because each rule may implicate many resource types, rules often have many checks associated. Like rules, checks can be re-used where they are appropriate across rules, controls and frameworks/benchmarks. 
  • Compliance Score - Your OpsCompass Compliance Score is a vital indicator of your adherence to cloud security standards and regulations.
  • Compliant - The resource adheres to your security standards and regulations (Framework checks).
  • Days to Remediate - The average difference in days between the oldest compliance problem instance and the resolution or current date.
  • Exceptions - Resources whose applicable checks have been temporarily paused to revisit later, meaning no problems will be detected for this check on this resource.
  • Fixes - Recommendations to help you adhere to relevant compliance checks.
  • Framework - Cybersecurity compliance policies and procedures for companies to adhere to.
  • Mitigations - Resources whose applicable checks have been remediated problem with an outside solution, meaning no problems will be detected for this check on this resource .
  • Scan - Typically when OpsCompass is first setup it will completely scan the cloud account for compliance problems within 15 - 20 minutes. Within the OpsCompass CLI Client, users are now able to trigger scans of individual resources or whole cloud accounts.
  • Severity - Priority applied to problems as high, medium, or low. A failed check results in a problem, and a severity is assigned to that problem based on the framework in use.
  • Total Checks Run - The sum of checks that are related to the framework ran against applicable resources.


  • Acknowledge - The act of viewing and explaining a detected drift within OpsCompass.
  • Concerns - A concern is a label for a group of resources so users can track changes and receive notifications for those change events.
  • Drift - Drift in OpsCompass indicates a configuration change. There are three main types of changes that show alerts: resources being added, changed, and deleted.


  • Current State - A report of what your license compliance looked like at the time of the last scan.
  • Data Configuration - Method of collecting license data for OpsCompass to process.
  • Potential Risk - The possible amount you will have to pay for licenses tracked in OpsCompass.


  • 2FA - Two-factor authentication, also known as MFA (multi-factor authentication), is a security measure used to protect your credentials and organizational data.
  • Linked Companies - Linked companies is a feature that allows sharing of high-level company information like company compliance score to other OpsCompass companies of your choosing.
  • OpsCompass CLI - The Command Line Interface is a downloadable NPM package that lets you interact with OpsCompass directly from your shell.