What does OpsCompass do?

Cloud Security & Operations Management OpsCompass solutions enable organizations to manage their cloud security & operations management better.

By connecting to your public cloud infrastructure, OpsCompass scans and analyzes your cloud resources to identify misconfiguration problems. For companies that pay careful attention to security and cybersecurity framework compliance, OpsCompass provides a deep inspection tool to quickly identify problems and point to the right solution. 
Cloud Inventory - OpsCompass connects to your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or Microsoft 365 subscription, and identifies all resources that have been deployed in the accounts you have connected. Since many cloud resources depend on hidden or auto-generated resources, it is not always obvious what is running (or what you are paying for!) OpsCompass gives you the necessary visibility to see the resources in your subscriptions. 
Drift Monitoring - Resources drift over time. After their original configuration and deployment, many things may affect them. Template updates, users in the portal, and even the cloud providers may cause changes to resources. Those changes may result in compliance problems, or undesirable configurations. OpsCompass monitors every connected resource for changes, and highlights to you the specific configuration items that have changed. For as long as the resource is connected to OpsCompass, its entire history is available. This is vital for effective troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and in enabling "x as code" style environments.
Compliance Analysis - In a Zero Trust Architecture, every resource is expected to be configured correctly. When combined with industry standard compliance frameworks like NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, CIS v8 and others, guidelines the required configuration of many resource types can be evaluated and reported. Configuring every resource correctly ensures maximum security of infrastructure configuration. Reporting misconfiguration in the context of standardized cybersecurity compliance frameworks provides companies with a reliable and well-known security standard to manage. OpsCompass gives you the visibility to see compliance problems quickly and easily. 
Modern enterprises needed to find a way to preserve the cloud’s advantages without sacrificing compliance, security, or their ability to manage costs. They needed a guide to help them realize the full potential of the cloud. As enterprises began to migrate from private data centers to the cloud, they uncovered a world of possibility. Never before could they deliver business solutions with such speed and agility. But in this environment of rapid change, they also uncovered new risks.
Since our beginning, OpsCompass has served as this guide. We developed a software solution that provides the right information at the right time and actionable insight into what to do next. One that’s simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and as flexible as the cloud itself. Across compliance, security, and change management, we provide the ability to fold cloud operations into your existing processes with your existing personnel.