How do I view my resources mapped to a compliance framework?

You can look at your resources in OpsCompass based on the compliance framework that you are mapping against; CIS, NIST, FedRAMP, etc.

Navigating from the Dashboard

1.) From the Dashboard, simply click on any compliance bar in the Compliance section. You can also click "View all compliance"

2.) After you apply any combination of specific requirements in "Filter", the user can click on the individual controls in the center dashboard to dig deeper into the compliance alerts. 

  • "Export Action Report" downloads a CSV file of the resources, the rational for being out of compliance, and the recommended steps to remediate those resources - reflecting the filter on the screen. 
  • "Export Report" downloads a CSV file of the resources reflecting the filter on the screen.

Navigating from the Compliance tab

1.) Click on the "Compliance" tab in the navigation bar. Note: You can also get to the compliance screen by clicking on the compliance progress bar in the dashboard. 

2.) From the Compliance Dashboard, click on any specific pie chart or click on any listed Framework as referenced below. 

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