What does my dashboard show me?

This is a high level overview with deeper links to understanding your inventory, compliance score, resources, changes, and accounts on the OpsCompass dashboard.

  • The Inventory (more information) section lists your clouds, accounts, and resources and will link you to a view of the selected information in your inventory view. 
  • The Compliance (more information) score is based on all of your cloud accounts connected to OpsCompass.
    • The score is broken down on a 0 - 1600 scale. 
    • By clicking on the compliance problems bar under your score you will be redirected to a screen that shows all of your resources mapped to the controls of the compliance framework that you selected. (more information)
  • The Highest-Impact Fixes  (more information) is an ordered list of fixes that can directly affect your compliance score.
  • The Recent Drift (more information) lists out the number of drifts related to the specific managed concern that are still unacknowledged in your environment. 
  • The Resources (more information) shows the top 10 resources across all of your clouds and will link you to a view of those resource types in your inventory. 
  • The Accounts (more information) is a list of all cloud accounts connected to OpsCompass, with a compliance score, problems, drift, and amount of resources associated with each. Each is a link into the inventory filtered by that cloud account.